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PLANT OF THE MONTH - The ‘Japanese Windflower’

A Pretty Little Flower

Anemones are a clump-forming perennial that come in a variety of species and is a wonderful cut flower. We think they have a beautiful and delicate flower with great foliage coverage, making them great for display. 

a traditional white, featured in Adam Robinson Design's Pymble project

a garden bed of mixed bulbs. image source

They’re widespread in a variety of climates around the world but are best suited to warmer climates. They grow well in shaded positions and full sun positions in cooler climates. Get planting in Autumn as these plants usually flower July to September.

the traditional white in full bloom. image source

The traditional colour of their flower is white, but they also come in a huge variety of pinks and purples. As such, they can look great in a large collection of the same colour or as mixed bulbs.