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GARDENING TIP - Seasonal Watering

Water Water Water

The weather has been hot hot hot this Sydney Summer. Just like humans, plants use a lot more water in the warmer months. You may notice that plants are browning a little, looking lacklustre or wilting. This is a sign that they’ve sweat all the water they have access to (yes plants sweat as well) and need a drink.

You should be giving all plants a good soak of water once a week. (This means one to two litres for lager sized pots). If your plants are in a well lit spot or exposed to the sun or wind, this will need to be increased.

Pay attention not to over water potted plants. Image by Natalie Hunfalvay from our Kingsford project

A good soak once a week for garden beds is best. Image by Natalie Hunfalvay from our Kingsford project

For potted plants, every two weeks add liquid fertiliser to your regular watering to make sure that plants are getting the right amount of nutrients, as plants are also using a lot more of these in the hotter months.

Remember, light rainfall isn’t enough water for a plant. So even if there has been rain, you’ll need to make sure that plants haven’t dried out. Put one of your fingers down to the knuckle and if the soil is dry, then make sure to water.

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