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STYLE TIP - Tree Potting

Let’s Go Tree Potting


A potted tree is a great alternative for city dwellers who don’t have direct access to the ground for planting or a as true unique design feature for any garden.

Adding a potted tree can be an easy way to add an extra element of style to really enhance your garden or outdoor space. Balconies, terraces, courtyards or larger gardens all look great with this design feature wether out in the open, nestled in the garden or as an unexpected focal point. 

Start by selecting a tree that will tie in nicely with your garden or outdoor space. The best trees have compact root systems and grow relatively slowly up to about 3 metres tall. These are our top tree pics for potting:


Olive tree. A contemporary use for a classic. Image from Adam Robinson Design's Redfern Rooftop project

Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicholai). Image from Adam Robinson Design's Casaba Waterloo White project

Frangipanni. Easy to propegate and comes in a variety of colours. Image from Adam Robinson Design's Paddington project

Water Gum (Tristaniopsis Luscious). A hardy Australian native . Image from Adam Robinson Design's Refern Rooftop project


Make sure you consider where your potted tree will sit. Ensure the best environmental conditions for your tree, such as sunlight and temperature.

Once you have chosen your tree make sure you follow planting procedures where needed and are fully aware of care tips for ongoing love for your potted tree.

Sometimes the best part is the finishing touches. We love a great pot and you can really make your tree potting turn out great with the right selection. Try a pot big enough to balance out the larger top part of your tree and get creative with colour and texture to add interest.

To check out other stylish plants for your home or garden have a look at our Featured Plants list. 


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