Sumiyagura Restaurant


From Alt Design


Sumiyagura is a specialised Eel (unagi) restaurant in Kyoto, Japan designed by ALT DESIGN.  The owners wanted to welcome tourists from inside and outside of the country at the heart of Kyoto and entertain them with quintessential experiences of Japanese food and culture. 

So, the ALT design team chose typical Japanese-style materials like, wood in different grains, lattices, copper plates and ink-dyed mortars and decorative items that represented Japanese culture. 


The random arrangement of wooden lattices across the shop space is inspired by eel-catching baskets.  Ink-dyed mortar is used for the floor to create a cosy atmosphere with the gentle use of black ink.  The façade features copper plates which have had their surface plates acid-corroded to express the ever-changing water surface under which eels swim around.  I especially like the reverent and artful placement of plants throughout the space, making them seem like precious works of art.