Flower Altar


New Generation Vessels


We love the new trend of flower vessels which treat the flower with a reverence, as something precious to be treasured and put on a pedestal.  It’s a modern interpretation of the Japanese disciplined art form of flower arranging called, Ikebana.  

It is more than simply putting a bunch of flowers in a container – it’s a philosophy of developing closeness to nature through the artful combination of nature’s flower and the man made.  The new generation vessels are made of rich materials in stunningly crafted, restrained designs.

We’ve highlighted three here.  The work of Melbourne artist, Anna Varendorff and her jewellery-like brass vessels. 

Carl Kleiner’s ‘Posture Vases’ – a collaboration with Bloc Studios. 


And ceramic artist, Cecile Daladier from the South of France.


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