Styling Large Spaces with Lounges


Create Intimacy

Define how each separate zone within your space is used

Take it further and use hardscaping to define the area


At Adam Robinson Design we have the pleasure of working with gardens and outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. One of the most effective things you can do in a large space is style with seating.

A sense of luxury, atmosphere and texture can all be achieved in larger spaces with the right furniture choices. A great lounge, at the right scale can really help define an area within a larger space and add a sense of style.

In larger spaces you can create intimacy with the size selection of a lounge and the placement of it. When choosing a lounge for you space consider how you will interact within the space and pass through it. This will help you choose the size of your outdoor lounge. Placement of a lounge should in some way close off a space to define it and create intimacy while still allowing for functionality. 

Make sure that the lounge feels scaled within the space, so that it doesn’t feel that it’s being enveloped in the empty space or it's surroundings. This can be done by creating a designated area within the garden. You can add to defining a space with accessories such as planting and pots or take it further by adding an outdoor rug or different flooring such as a contrasting material or complimentary pattern. 

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Images by Sue Stubbs