STYLE TIP - Easy, Breezy Outdoor Style


Add Some Space with Breathable Furniture

The Jak chair and Jill table used in our Clovelly project


Sit back, relax, take a deep breath and breathe. Enjoying the outdoors from Summer through Autumn means making the most of the great Australian weather. What better way to do this than with furniture that allows you to breathe.

Solid wire, steel or mesh furniture, or furniture with spaces created from patterning, is not only stylish and classic but practical with the weather and for creating visual space. Adding furniture to a small space can sometimes be overly dominant. Adding a wire or patterned chair, collection of chairs or a table can bring the practicality you need but allow partial visibility of your outdoor space or landscape. 

A white collection of Jak chairs in our Newtown project

When it comes to styling with these items we say keep it simple. Consider the space you have and the amount of furniture that can comfortably fit the space. Can you have a single chair with side table, a pair of chairs or a table and chairs? Once you consider this think about how you will use the space. Is it to entertain or to relax and read? This will help you determine what kind of chair and or table to add. Lastly consider the style and colours. Consider keeping it classic and simple with black and white or adding a mix of neutrals or a colour.

Black Tio chairs used in our luxe Paddington project

A collection of Master chairs in earthy tones selected for our Bondi project

Which ever occasion you use your space for or which ever style you are trying to achieve, we know breathable furniture can set the tone. Wether a contemporary Masters chair with an empty space backing or a cute Volley chair made with steel frame and mesh panelled seating, the choices are abound. 

Check out some of our favourite picks:
- Volley Chair by Adam Goodrum
- Jak Chair by Justin Hutchinson
- Jill Table by Justin Hutchinson
- Masters Chair by Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitlet
- Tio Easy Chair by Massproductions