A Mount Wilson Story


Stairs extending from this beautiful deck in to the lawn below, from our  Rose Bay project

Dennarque, A Mount Wilson Story is a stunning, hard cover garden-art book that captures the 25 acre exotic garden through the four seasons of a year.  From the moment you enter the gates of the Estate, through Evan Wang’s exquisite photographic captures you get to experience the sprawling cool climate garden, which is rarely open to the public. 

The book takes you through a short narrative on each season’s experience and includes the historical background and heritage of the property, and the special pocket of Blue Mountain’s paradise that is, Mount Wilson.


The art direction of the photography and project management of the book was by Nadine Bush, managing editor and production management by Katrina O’Brien and beautifully designed by award-winning designer, Evi O.

The owners of Dennarque Estate, and authors, Bill and Lata Moss have self-published the book – you can order your copy at Dennarque.com