STYLE TIP - Mixing Materials


Create Real Style with Mixed Materials

The greatest thing about pulling together your outdoor spaces is that you can have fun with it. The extra thing is you create a style all of your own in the process. Not everything has to be serious when it comes to creating a beautifully designed outdoor space. So, allow yourself tobe a little more eclectic, you might be surprised

It’s always great to pull together your pallet and stick to it. But within that pallet, why not offset your chosen style with something a little different. If you’ve got a pallet of concrete pots dotted on a balcony or throughout your outdoor space, why not throw in a couple of stone pots just to give the clusters some texture. 

mixed pots with at our Fairlight project

mixed surfaces at our Wooloomooloo project

Sticking to the topic of pots, remember to avoid choosing too many different types or textures. This can leave your style looking a little too much like a yard sale. Limit your selection to two or three variations. This way you will have the best of both, with variety and also refinement of style.

Continue the theme of missing textures and colours over to other elements in your space. Chairs, lounges, tables, cushions, plants, shading and paint colours all come together to complete the space.

Get creative this Spring Summer season and see what new styles and designs you can come up with.