STYLE TIP - Cushions


Fresh Outdoor Spaces Spring Makeover

construction by Quercus Gardens, photography by Natalie Hunfalva


Much to our delight, the days have warmed, the trees have sprouted fresh green leaves and the flowers have blossomed in full bright blooms. The Spring season has well and truly arrived and it’s the perfect time to step back outside, dust off the cobwebs and revive your outdoor spaces.

An easy and cost effective way to makeover your outdoor spaces this Spring Summer season is with a great set of cushions. The great thing about most outdoor cushions available today are their ability to be left outside 24 hours 7 days, rain, hail or shine. You don’t have to have a place to store them away as most are made with outdoor friendly and more durable fabrics and filled with specially produced outdoor foam. 

To start your outdoor makeover you should select one or two colours as your colour scheme and stick to this. You can then add neutrals and patterns to inject the style and drama. Consider how the cushions you select fit with the other colours, textures and patterns in the space too. With these three things in mind you will never go wrong dressing with cushions. 

We love this style tip for everyone this season. It’s a great way to bring some love and life back to those spaces we often neglect during the colder months. Adam Robinson Design has used this same great style tip in a few spots around Sydney this season too, see below:

construction by Dig Landscapes, photography by Natalie Hunfalva

construction by Pepe Botanic Design, photography by Natalie Hunfalva

Here in this first picture we have used a vibrant yellow and shades of green as our colour scheme. Used in full colour and segmented stripes, our cushions complement the neutral, patterned outdoor furniture and bright and airy open space.

Shown in the second picture, this modern and eclectic outdoor space allowed us to throw in a variety of patterns and neutrals. We stuck with two colours, a grey blue and lively lime green. 

construction by Valley Garden Landscape, photography by Natalie Hunfalva

construction by Valley Garden Landscape, photography by Natalie Hunfalva

This strong outdoor look required a softer touch with styling. We used pink and yellow stripes with clusters of neutral cushions, in varied sizes, to add depth.

We couldn’t go past dressing this beautiful outdoor pool and spa area with complimentary shades of blue. Stripes teamed with greys and whites to complete the look.

A bold area with bold striped and diamond patterns. We added drama with these patterns and kept the colour scheme simple with black, white and a soft lemony yellow.

So there are our style tips for reviving your outdoor space this Spring Summer season. Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the great Sydney weather.