Private Garden Getaway

Balmain Landscape Design Project


It’s so important when designing a garden to create an atmosphere of private seclusion with a feeling of being able to get away from it all in a tranquil, green oasis.

What existed before on this site was pretty much an open space from the back door of the house to the garage door, part of it decked, part lawn and part paved. The cars were parked in the garden and were in full view. My team and I worked on finding the right solution that still accommodates the client’s cars, yet conceal them, thanks to some very smart decorative metal sliding screens that separate the carport area from the rest and recreation zone.

The courtyard garden has been transformed into a space for living and enjoyment with large format steppers made of outdoor timber-look plank tiles which are softened with plantings of Mondo Grass in between. The timber tile uniformly continues the timber floor of the interior through to the outdoors. L-shaped, built-in benches provide a generous amount of seating for quite a few friends to gather when entertaining, making the most of a tight space. The addition of extra armchairs and occasional tables create a comfortable outdoor lounge room. Glimpses of gorgeous patterned tiles appear from beneath the benches for some unpredictable colour and fun.

The boundary walls were painted a dark grey to make the plants stand out and conjure a cosy ambience. A large port-hole mirror suspended on the wall in the dining area bounces good energy, light and reflection around. A textural pallete of green foliage plants was selected based on a relaxed and laid-back approach but with loads of tactility and movement, juxtaposed with the two cloud topiaries for some exuberance.

The space feels soft and serene due to the tonal colour scheme  in the garden, and in combination with the patterned tiles under the benches and the cloud trees create a refined, yet spirited garden that feels wonderful to spend time in.