Marriage Equality


We Want Marriage Equality Now


I really don’t support a wasteful postal plebiscite, however, I do feel, in the strongest possible terms, that it’s high time we have marriage equality in this country. The Australian government need to make sure they listen to its people and enshrine marriage equality into Australian law. I sincerely hope you’ve all enrolled to be on the right side of history and have your say. 

The deadline to ensure enrolment is August 24th and the postal voting forms will start being sent out on September 12th and you will have several weeks to return the form to the ABS, with the final cut-off being 6pm on November 7th. We’re proud to support marriage equality as after all, love is love, so let’s celebrate LOVE. This vote is about equality and whether you see yourself, your LGBT+ friends, family and hundreds of thousands of Australians as equal to one another.  That’s it in a nutshell. VOTE YES in the Same-Sex Marriage Survey!