A Cosy Approach to Living, With Danish Origins


Hygge (hoo gah) is the Danish concept of cosiness that is trending in 2017 and we love it.  The word ‘hygge’ was shortlisted to be the 2016 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year and both the Times and The New York Times have examined its rise to trending status.  The Time article explains that the word “broadly means an approach to living that embraces positivity and enjoyment of everyday experiences, said to be the core concepts of attitudes to life in the Nordic region.”

Quintessentially hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.  Filling your home with warm candlelight is hygge.  Inviting friends and family home to break bread over a potluck dinner and chat is hygge.  Bringing the outside indoors with greenery is hygge and hanging fairy lights in your bedroom is hygge.

It’s our kind of trend and we are embracing it; snuggling our pets, knitting by the fire, baking bread, spending time in nature, lying under a duvet in the backyard and watching the stars twinkle and insisting on ‘slow’ everything.