One of our latest passions on Instagram is following Freakebana (pronounced ‘freak-eh-ba-na)– the obnoxious yet nonchalant style of arranging flowers, created and coined by Stella Bugbee.

The Japanese art of Ikebana (pronounced ee-ke-ba-na) is the art of arranging flowers in a minimalistic and precise way, with compositions slightly askew and elements chosen for their symbolism.  There’s a renewed interest in this art form yet it’s expressed in a far more edgy, cool way than ever before.  It’s a fresh groundswell of naturalism, with elements more likely to be foraged than bought at a florist and you can combine whatever elements suit your fancy.  Literally anything.  If you look closely you will notice that the mutant spirit of feakebana is making its way into the world of food styling as well.  It’s a celebration of frugality rather than abundance, and if anything, it’s putting the ordinary detritus of our banal lives on a pedestal in a purposeful and often quite unexpectedly beautiful way.

Check it out at @freakebana on Instagram!