A Timeless Material

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Concrete is still such a hugely popular material for all soughts of applications around the interior and exterior of homes and especially in furnishings.  In days of old ‘concrete furniture’ would have made you think of really ugly and uncomfortable seats in a bus stop or park.  These days there are so many innovative furniture designs using concrete because of its incredible functionality and versatile aesthetics.

Functionality – concrete lasts a very, very long time and is hardy enough to take a beating. Sealing can prevent staining.  It can be refinished and repaired fairly easily.  Can mostly be used indoors and outdoors.  Is usually non-toxic and food safe.  There are now many light-weight concrete products available. 

Aesthetics – concrete is so versatile and malliable, it can take on almost any shape, colour, texture, etc. It can look polished and glossy or rough and textural, minimal, industrial, modern rustic, playful and arty.  Adding recycled aggregates gives another dimension again.  Is relatively affordable compared to some other materials and can deliver good ‘wow’ factor.  Concrete can look quite natural, organic and warm but at the same time can look cold, clean and minimal depending on its complementing materials.  It can look both modern or ancient depending on it’s finish, texture and colour. A material of timeless quality, its unlikely to ever go completely out of fashion and can be used in virtually every part of the home.

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