Aussie Design


The Trace Outdoor Collection


We are loving the refined and luxurious Trace outdoor collection of furniture by Aussie designer Adam Goodrum for Tait.  The best product award winner at Denfair the collection is made of mixed materials of aluminium, stainless steel mesh, sustainable timbers and marbled porcelain materials we are especially charmed by the play on traditional chicken wire or wire fencing and gates found outside older suburban houses in rural Australia, reminiscent in Goodrum’s smart stainless steel mesh.

Aussie designer Adam Goodrum


“Trace takes me back to my childhood in Perth and recent times at mum and dad’s coastal home, south of Sydney. Drenched in sunshine, we typically all gather on their deck for barbecue and beers. It’s that inviting feeling of affection and sociability, so evocative of the Australian lifestyle, I wanted to convey with Trace,” shares Goodrum with Yellow Trace.