Weeding - Our Best Tips


Bindiis, Chickweed & Thistles, Oh My


The Adam Robinson Design team loves the warmer months but not the weeds that come with it. As our gardens put on a show and continue to grow and blossom in spring, we also begin to see new plants we didn’t plan, weeds. 

It’s best to get rid of weeds before they take over our much loved gardens and plants. The best method is to pull them out by hand when we first see them. If you have a few weeds here and there and want to try a natural method of killing off your unwanted weeds, you can mix up a solution from household products. Take 1 cup of salt and 1 litre of vinegar and mix together. To apply, either brush your weeds or add the solution to a spray bottle to spread across the weeds. 

Failing manual and natural methods, you can try a stronger chemical solution. Try a herbicide such as Roundup, Yates weed killers or a spray from Hortico. Take caution when applying homemade or store bought products to weeds as they won’t discriminate against the plants you want to keep.

Aren’t sure what are plants and what are your weeds? Here is a list of the most common weeds in New South Wales:

For a full list of nationally recognised weeds take a look at the Australian Government weed identification tool. For more gardening tips and tricks take a look at our Gardening Tips page