WE LOVE - Solid Stone


The Filetti Paving Range from Eco Outdoor

image from our St Ives project where the pebble pathway meets the driveway built from the Filetti range


New to the Australian outdoor market, we can’t go past this traditionally European style paving this season. 

image source ecooutdoor.com.au

image source ecooutdoor.com.au

The long, varied sized, thin stone cuts create a unique pattern for any surface. It also works well with both heritage and modern style and architecture. The variety of colour within the cuts of each option in the range are great as well. There’s the grey and brown tones of the Endicott and the natural and brighter tones of the Porphyry. 

It incorporates varieties of granite, porphyry and gneiss, being an extremely hard wearing range. As such, we think it’s perfect for anything from pathways to driveways. 

The entire range is over with our friends at Eco Outdoor.