STYLE TIP - Dressing Table Tops


Create an Inviting & Stylish Feature

As Adam Robinson Design always says, an outdoor space should always be styled as thoughtfully as an indoor space. One of the key tools in a garden designers tool box is to dress table tops with just as much consideration as the other elements in a garden. 

Entering a garden which is dominated by a large table top or big bench can often give off a cold, lifeless feeling. To combat this incomplete look, adding a few items to the surface will create a more warm and inviting garden space.  

A chic outdoor table top dressing from a recent project

texturised with succulents, terracotta, glass and wire

Here are our best stye tips for dressing your outdoor table tops:

Before you start selecting objects and plants to place, consider the contribution you’d like to make to the existing colour palette within the space. Best practice is to subtly match your more neutral base colours and highlight with one or two feature colours.   

Select one or two smaller plants to compliment in size, texture and colour to the table top. You will want to create pattern, shape and contribute to the colour palette with your selection. Cute succulents and cactus are always good choices.   

create an accent with a colourful plant choice and a personal touch with a small sculpture

Whatever objects you choose, adding a personal touch will make sure your creation shows off a part of you and create a talking point. Consider your gardens theme and how it will look from day to night. A cute Hurricane lantern will give off a lovely warm glow in the evenings. A beautiful metal tray or a runner will create a space to tie everything to together. If you have the space, be bold and try something like an oversized bowl of mixed potted succulents.     

When you think you’re done, step back and have a look at what you’ve put together. Is there something you can take out? Are some of the colours not working? Make sure it’s to your liking.  

Our favourite consideration when creating a feature, combine heights and sizes to allow the eye to travel amongst your creation. Compliment a short and fat pot with a tall sculpture and a mid sized plant.

Consider how your creation looks from the entrance point in your space and while in the space. A solid aerial view of your table top dressingwill help you define this. Add smaller objects on top of larger flat pieces or arrange plants to create depth and add to the viewpoint.     

compliment your colour palette with a bold lamp choice

Stick to you colour palette when choosing your textures and surfaces. For example, compliment a sleek black table top with glass containers and an aged terracotta pot. Or, finish off an aged wooden bench with stone and polished wood or brass.

Keep it natural and let things grow. Switching up a plant here and there or changing the perspective of your arrangement will maintain life and keep things a little more interesting. 

We hope these style tips will help you to create the perfect table top dressing for your outdoor space. For some extra tips to help you out check on our Using Scale #styletips and for a complete guide to designing your own outdoor space consider taking part in one of our Outdoor Design Workshops. Don't forget you can pop in to the Adam Robinson Design studio in Danks street to checkout our range of pots to dress your table tops.