Soak up the Winter Sunshine


Window Seats


In the cooler months, cosy window seats and bay windows are a perfect spot to soak up the winter sunshine.  They also act as a wonderful, physical conduit between the interior and exterior spaces, and if glazing in these portals can disappear when you’re perched in the window seat, you find yourself in the proverbial ‘sweet spot’ where the two worlds collide.  Creating a built-in nook by the window so it feels comfortable and adds charm to the whole area by using small sofas, daybeds, pillows cushions, even mattresses can be such a wonderful, imaginative way to create conversation points where architecture meets nature.  These are the spots that have character and become everyone’s favourite place to hang out in the house.  It’s a great way to increase seating space in your home, and by adding a tray to rest your cup of tea or a throw rug and perhaps a spot to store a couple of books or magazines, and you improve not only the overall architecture of your house, but your lifestyle as well.