Pretty Succulent


Crassula ‘Max Cook’


This pretty, yet sculptural succulent has closely-packed, crimped, grey-green fleshy leaves with contrasting red edges.  Distinct little spots appear towards the outer tips of its leaves.  This durable evergreen is the perfect container plant because of its neat and compact habit, however, it also makes a great buddy for other cactus and succulents in the garden. As succulents, they don’t need frequent watering, since they store so much in their leaves.  If you leave them to sit in soggy soil, their roots will rot. 

In the cooler months, give them a good drink and then allow the soil to dry out well, before you water again.  They do go dormant in the hot summer and need even less water.  Don’t forget to feed with a controlled-release fertiliser at the beginning of the season. This shrub is easy to grow and maintain and looks like living coral, adding great green texture to any planting scheme.