Park Design


Parco Portello, Milan


Since Milan Design Week has just gone by, we were wondering if any of the thousands who visit Milan in April every year for Design Week would have ventured outdoors to cop an eyeful of one of the most amazing public parks we’ve come across.  Parco Portello is an amazing public landscaped space by LAND Milano and Charles Jenks, and is in the Portello District, Milan.

The park provides playgrounds, water features and climbing bars – not so new you might think.  However, this extraordinary example of how a public space should be, is actually more of a living, green sculpture in reality.

Sited on part of a new residential district which has been built on the former site of ALFA Romeo, Italian car manufacturer, the park takes form through a series of circular lines that come together to define three sculptural entities within a larger area.  The three type of ‘hills’ apparently reflect Prehistory, History, and Present time and they have different heights and characteristics. 

The park is almost 7 hectares and is perfectly situated in the surrounding context and has become an important urban landmark of Milan.  Situated in the heart of a generous transport network, the park can easily be reached by every kind of public transport, not to mention its bike access and network.  The three hills have been shaped and defined with the use of excavated materials from the site which is a nice sustainable feature.  We think it’s just such a wonderful example of how landscape design can provide a sense of place for community.