Water Crystals - Gardening Tips


Keep Your Plants Hydrated


Over the busy festive seasons some of us travel for the holiday break but it doesn’t mean our house plants have to suffer. Like many, if there isn’t anyone around while you’re away your house plants go without water. Come back from holidays this season with happy plants with a little help from water crystals.

Soil wetting agents like water crystals or water gel makes watering easy. Although it isn’t a permanent solution, it can be useful when you’re away from home. The crystals are non-toxic and hold up to 500 times their weight in moisture. You simply add the water crystals to the top of the soil, in and around your plants. Adding water and some mulch on top will keep them moist and your plants hydrated. 

Keep in mind the space you have in your pots, around your plants, as the crystals will swell and take up space. 

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