GARDENING TIP - Winter Pruning


The Best Time to Shape Up Your Plants

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A gorgeous Sydney Spring is nearly upon us, but there’s still time to prune before Winter’s end.

Deciduous plants need a little extra care and now is the best time to start cutting. Anytime from when the plant has lost it’s leaves up until it starts to bud, is a good time to prune. The good thing about pruning at the right time is that your plants will be ready in time for next years growth. 

The aim with deciduous plants is to help maintain their natural form so they can grow best. Here are our best tips for pruning: 

Get yourself appropriately sized secateurs, something big enough for the branches you’ll be cutting. Remember safety first, wear goggles and always rinse your secateurs to make sure they don’t carry disease from one plant to another.

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Start by removing any undesirable or diseased branches, then remove any branches that are crossing or rubbing others.

Thin the canopy to increase air flow. Do this by starting from the middle and working out. A good tip to keep in mind, never remove more than about a quarter of the plant per year. Doing so may may cause stress to the plant

Step back and observe. Check for symmetry and balance. You don’t want to end up with lop sided plants.       

Have fun pruning!