GARDENING TIP - Planting Bulbs


Autumn is Bulb Planting Season

If planting isn't your thing you might be sacred off by these strange little balls of energy, but don’t be. Autumn in Australia is bulb planting season so it’s time to get started. Pick your favourites, find a spot and get the watering can or hose ready before Autumn passes. 

We love to mix and match, why not put together two different species in the one pot, or alternating in your garden bed, to create a beautiful display for Spring. 

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Here are Adam Robinson Design’s tips for planting and looking after your bulbs:

  1. Before planting in a pot or garden bed ensure the location of the bulbs fit with the lighting exposure that the bulb requires.

  2. Plant the bulbs with the tips pointing up. (Except for the Ranunculi)

  3. Each different bulb species needs to be planted at different heights. Make sure you check the correct depth for your bulb. Do this by planting the bulb two to three times as deep as the bulb is tall.

  4. After planting water in the soil and then water again once the first bulb appears.

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Remember not to prune your precious bulbs when they start to die. Instead, wait until they have completing died back before cutting off dead foliage. The bulb will store up all of the energy it can drain from the plant until next season, like magic.

Best practice is to dig up your bulbs, rather than leaving them in the soil all Summer long. Save them in a container until next Autumn and get planting again next year.