GARDENING TIP - Indoor Plants


Our Best Tips For Tending to Indoor Plants

keep leaves looking healthy and clean. image source


Growing plants inside means that you’re taking plants out of their natural environment and them somewhere foreign. Luckily plants are very forgiving when placed inside and potted and can be grown more successfully then expected. 

When it comes to caring for our beloved indoor plants Adam Robinson Design has few tips you should keep in mind:

Natural Light
All plants need some form of natural light. Some will take to very shady spots but no plant will survive in a completely black or dark room. Be sure to give all of your plants some natural light or position them where they will receive light daily. 

position plants that need full light in a sunny window. image source

a plant in the shower is a nice touch, with easy access to water. Make sure you choose a plant that can withstand warmer temps. image source

Plant Requirements
When choosing your plants check their stats to see how much light they need. If you have a position in mind in your home make sure you know how much light it received during the day, then choose your plants based on the exposure. For example, is the spot in full, direct sun light all day? or is it for only a few hours?

Water Requirements
Make sure you’re meeting your plants’ watering requirements. This will be different from plant to plant so it’s best to consider this when choosing which plants you’d like inside. Some plants may need a lot of water, in which case you should move them to a wet area to give them a proper soak as needed. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t re-water your plants while the soil is still wet. It can take some time before the soil for indoor plants dries up so give them time. 

keeping plants near a water source will remind you to water them. image source

Foliage Care.  
Be sure to dust your plants as they won’t have the elements of outdoors to keep them fresh and clean. Do this and your plants will happily breath and thrive. You should also occasionally gloss any leaves from your plants by wiping them down once a month with some White Oil or watered down milk. Removing brown or dead leaves makes sure your plants have room to grow healthily as well. 

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