Baloskion Tetraphyllum


Tassel Rope-Rush

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Baloskion tetraphyllum is a rush-like grassy plant in the family Restionaceae.  Common names include tassel rope-rush, plume rush and Australian reed.  It grows in dense clumps and has striking green foliage with feathery tips which create an attractive display.  It also produces striking flowery stems in bronze tones in Summer which is wonderful for floral arrangements.  It’s a great grass for landscaping and is the perfect feature plant to grow beside water features and ponds and also looks great as a container plant. Incredibly versatile, it can be grown in full sun or full shade and is moderately frost tolerant.  It grows well in moist boggy areas and shallow water with little or no maintenance.  In containers or dry areas is performs best in partial to full shade with regular watering.