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PLANT OF THE MONTH - The 'Pencil Plant'

A Decorative Friend

This month we love the Euphorbia Tirucall, or Pencil Plant. With leaves that look like thin green twigs we think it’s a striking and decorative plant to add to your collection or stand alone. 

A striking, architectural succulent, the Pencil Plant becomes a great talking point for any space. If you’re looking for something extra special to decorate or break up a space we recommend this plant for you.

In ground, this plant will grow to a medium sized tree and stand up to 10m tall. When kept in a pot it will stay small and compact, with minimal growth. 

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The Pencil Plant loves full sun and would be perfect for a sunny window or bench. They like water during our hotter months and less during the cooler months, but ensure you have great drainage. 

Take care, it these plants should be keep out of thoroughfares or places they can be easily knocked or bumped in to. Their milky sap can be an irritant. If you are repotting, do so in the warmer months and wear gloves. 

The traditional green leaves are a great colour. You can also keep an eye out for the Firestick variation which shoots off vibrant red leaves in the sun. 

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