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WE LOVE - A Good Shower

The Murray Rose Shower from Robert Plumb

Constructed from, ever-popular, copper piping the Murray Rose Shower from Robert Plumb is our stylish outdoor pic of the month. A shower such as this can be a great addition to any new garden design. Wether you’re adding a hint of ‘coastal’ by adding a shower to your outdoor, inner-Sydney space or creating a luxe outdoor retreat, this piece will bring the beautiful design needed. 

The Murray Rose Shower, image from Home Beautiful

The Murray Rose Shower, image from Robert Plumb

The traditional form is complimented by it’s design, which is intended to patina over time, or age. It comes with a hot and cold tap, customisable sizing to suit and can be bought as a traditional shower head on it’s own or with the full exposed piping. 

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